Seek fringes and weak ties…

By nature I (we?) tend to focus on strong, deep, long-lasting ties with a relatively small group of people from my own little world. This is good when seeking a long and healthy life as we know from the research on the so called Blue Zones, where people grow very old. When looking for innovation, change, ‘disruption’ (when heading for the bottom of the U, see U Theory) it is however …


… much more productive to focus on a combination of 1. a weak connections with a large number of people and 2. the fringes (rather the center) of your known world. Why? Because both provide you with new information, insights, thoughts, perspectives instead of repeating things you already knew or have seen / heard before. For a more detailed description see The Strength of Weak Ties by Mark Granovetter.

This is something you can actively achieve by focusing on establishing numerous weak ties and through regular mini-expeditions to the fringes of your known world or in wild nature. Good news is that you do not have to replace your strong ties or leave your familiar world. You just make them more valuable by enriching them with your new insights.



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