Organizing flow…

From time to time I experience moments of clarity in which I feel connected to something bigger. We all know these rare and mostly brief moments in which we instinctively do the right thing, not only for ourselves and but also for our environment. Imagine the impact if and when these moments would turn into a more permanent flow?

Alvanue 2015

Alvaneu, Swiss

Getting there is probably not so much about actively pursuing this state of being but more about avoiding non-conducive circumstances and behavior. We all know what doesn’t help us from this perspective. What follows is trusting the proces and accepting what happens. Gradually the gaps between these of moments of flow will become smaller.

Over the years I have slowly discovered that certain organizational environments are more or less favorable to the frequency and duration of these moments. It is really quite simple. Favorable environments tend to see and respect you as you are (without judgement) and allow ample room for dreams, trial and also error (also without judgement). What naturally follows is the energy required to (re)connect to your self and your environment. And from what I have seen so far going into a process of adopting the principles underlying the ‘self-management’ models is the best way to get there.

For organizations that aim to transform towards a more sustainable and attractive version of themselves this provides a good starting point. Bringing these elements in your organization uncovers and aligns the individual and organizational purposes and empowers all involved. See also Organizing Energy


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