Wild Hart Trail (2)

Each trail is a totally new and wonderful experience. The combination of animals, vegetation, weather and people is never the same and has it’s own energy, dynamics and discoveries. Trying not to replicate the experience of the previous (successful) trail used to be quite a challenge for me. This was not good for the group and not not good for me aswel. Glad to report that I have finally been able to leave that behind me (although the group was a ‘challenge’ due the great diversity in life experience and physical condition)!


Trusting the proces enabled me to stay connected and open to whatever was there to unfold itself. With wonderful movement at both group and individual level. Feedback from the group in the closing round was subtle, profound and grateful all at ounce. Beautiful sunset from the Refugio Cicerana, in Abruzzo, on the first night out (picture above). Solo time in a magical ‘stone tempel’ in an open space in the middle of very dense woods (picture below).


 On the last day of the trail, as a parting gift for the group, a brief encounter with a beautiful brown bear.



Eager for more… but facilitating more trails also entails being away from home more… A new challenge ;o). See also Abruzzo


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